Friday, 13 October 2017

6 tips to help you maintain your weight

Weight management is to maintain your body at a healthy weight through a balance of adequate exercise and healthy eating. Weight management is more crucial than weight loss as it prevents you from gaining the weight back after dieting and leads you to a healthy lifestyle in the long run.
Tip 1: Enjoy exercising
  • Regular exercise helps you burn fat and make you less hungry. Choose an exercise which you like so you will enjoy exercising.
Tip 2: Downsize your portion
  • Portion your meal appropriately so you would not consume too much unnecessary calories and overeat.
Tip 3: Drink enough water
  • Have 8 to 10 glasses of 250ml daily. Adequate hydration helps to optimize the body’s metabolic rate and hence, its energy consumption.
Tip 4: Fill up on fiber
  • Fiber helps to make you full faster, which cause you to eat less and curb hunger. High fiber foods include fruits, vegetable and whole grain.
Tip 5: Do not skip breakfast
  • Breakfast is the most important meal of the day as it starts our body’s metabolism. Skipping breakfast might cause us to snack before lunch or overeat during the next meal.
Tip 6: Control your carbohydrate
  • Having a lower carbohydrate diet can help with losing weight and prevent heart disease. It prevents you from getting hungry between meals also.
At Acumed Medical Group, patients are always encouraged to hit healthily in order to maintain a good weight and BMI for their age.

*This articles in no way represent the medical advices of Acumed Medical Group and is intended solely for blogging purposes